How to see the ISS where you are?
Watch the ISS fly in pure 4K, taken from thousands of images..

How to see the ISS where you are?

The International Space Station AKA ISS

Spotting the ISS (International Space Station) from the UK can sometimes be daunting due to our flamboyant weather, but joking aside, 9 times out of 10 you will get to see the bright flying dot!

There is many ways in which you can find out when the ISS will pass your location. Nasa have a great tool that allows you to register your Email address and be emailed when the ISS is due to fly over your exact location.. this works, as we use it all the time!

Within the Emails, they tell you the direction, time and degree in which the International Space Station will appear and disappear. Make sure to be on the ball as surprisingly the ISS can pass in a matter of minutes, meaning you may miss it!

How do I know it’s the station (ISS) ?

Well, first of all it will be the brightest (sometimes) light in the sky, second of all, it will be moving quite rapidly across the sky on a solid course. You could download apps that are available to you for FREE that show the ISS’s location and try and find it that way.. one good app is Star Walk.

The best times to see the Station is when the skies are absolutely clear, you can usually tell when there is no light pollution or clouds as the stars are quite vivid and the blackness is piercing.

This is the best time to spot the International space station, however it can also be seen in bad weather, you just need to focus your attention a lot harder in order to spot it.

To find out when it will pass over your location next, head over to our post about the International Space Station.


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